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Substance abuse evaluations are often required for the following circumstances:

  • A general request by a physician, attorney, or DCF case to determine whether or not there is the presence of a substance use disorder.   

  • An arrest or charge where the person is charged with impairment from drugs and/or alcohol, paraphernalia, public intoxication, etc.

  • Evaluation to determine level of care for substance abuse treatment

  • To satisfy probation requirements

  • For an individual who is looking to determine whether or not they have a substance abuse problem.



The evaluation is completed in-person at our Maitland office and lasts approximately one hour. During that time, information is gathered via self-report as well as reliable and valid substance abuse assessment tools. Following the evaluation, a detailed report will be generated within 5 business days and all communications with necessary parties are included in the cost of the evaluation. 



Substance Abuse Evaluation: $175


* Price includes the evaluation, detailed report, and all communications to attorneys, probation officers, court officials, etc. If I am asked to testify in court or be used as an expert witness, additional fees will be charged at the rate of $150 per hour.

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